About us
Detay Lighting, which was established in 1993 in Istanbul, operates in the production, sale and export of lighting fixtures. It carries out successful lighting projects at home and abroad. Detay Lighting continues its lighting journey with the vision of becoming one of the most successful companies in the lighting industry by increasing its brand value day by day. Professional management team, constantly developed sales channels, technical project network and the continuity of training of the sales team have contributed to the success of Detay Lighting. The sales team, which is expert, dynamic and adds value to innovation, provides maximum profit and adds value to its customers with its project, sales, marketing activities and customer focus principle. With these efforts, the sales team contributes to making Detay Lighting one of the best companies in its field in the country, while increasing its activities abroad with the work they have done in the export channel. One of the expert staff of Detay Lighting is the project department. The project department provides service with its technical staff consisting of engineers, architects and electrical technicians. The project department also offers free consultancy services to its customers in on-site evaluation of projects, training and related fields.


Since the day it was founded, Detay Lighting has been increasing its brand value day by day with the principles it has acquired by acting on the path of continuous improvement.

With quality processes instilled in the company culture:
• Active implementation of the Quality Management System
• Keeping up to date with international standards
• Providing competitive solutions
• It continues its successful journey in the lighting sector based on acting within the framework of customer satisfaction.


Detay Lighting applies the following principles with the awareness of protecting nature and trying to minimize the use of energy resources.:

• Reducing substances that can harm the environment after production
• Ensuring the reuse of waste
• Carrying out studies to prevent environmental pollution
• To comply with relevant official legislation and regulations
• Increasing the environmental awareness of its employees
• Focusing on product development efforts to increase energy savings