Road Luminaire Compliant with TEDAŞ Specification from Detay Lighting

Detay Lighting has designed the Detay brand road lighting luminaire series Legend, ranging from 60W to 150W, in accordance with the newest and globally accepted standards. These standards include, but are not limited to, specifications regarding road grade light level and uniformity requirements, electrical safety guidelines, maintenance manuals, thermal management guidelines, and efficiency levels for best cost.

With different power options, Legend series LED road lighting fixtures come with standard light distribution solutions for multiple road types and road classes.

Legend, the LED road lighting fixture offered by Detay Lighting solutions, has been designed in accordance with the LED Light Source Road Lighting Fixtures Technical Specification prepared by TEDAŞ and is currently used safely on the highways of our country and by many municipalities.

Legend series LED road lighting fixtures, which are used in cold and hot climates and have proven themselves, offer a unique lighting experience in road and highway lighting in various classes from M1 to M5.


  • 135LM/W efficiency
  • IP66 protection class
  • Design suitable for harsh, hot and very hot climate conditions
  • Life over 100,000 hours according to LM80 VE TM21 Standard
  • Specially designed cooling system
  • High efficiency asymmetric optical lens
  • Different connection options
  • Aluminum PCB
  • Electrostatic powder paint
  • Special silicone gasket
  • Measurements in accordance with EN 60598-1 standards and related sub-standards
  • Photometric measurements in accordance with the IESNA-LM-79-08 standard.