Indoor Lighting


With its single or adjustable length options, Diritto offers solutions visually and technically suitable for the expectations of modern workspaces. Removes borders in lighting. As with all our products, efficiency and longevity are at the forefront at Diritto. It offers trouble-free and economical solutions in many architectural and office lighting projects.

Usage areas:
Architectural offices, plazas, corridors, shopping and living centers, universities, lecture halls, schools.

Product Code Power Lumen   Color TemperatureCRI Power Factor Dimensions (mm) a - b - h
Weight (kg) Carton Pieces
DTY.03618W 1980  3000-4000-6500K 80 CRI 0,95 cos 560x70x50
1 kg 3
DTY.036 35W 3850  3000-4000-6500K
80 CRI 0,95 cos 1120x70x50
1,6 kg 3
DTY.03650W 5500  3000-4000-6500K 80 CRI 0,95 cos 1500x70x50
2 kg 3
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